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Kids Blowing Bubbles

Social Opportunities

"Children are not things to be molded, but people to be unfolded"

-Jess Lair



Wickler Behavioral Consulting provides all families with an invitation to attend our specialized social opportunities. Our social skills activities are designed to facilitate prosocial behaviors among same-aged peers in a variety of community settings and give families the opportunity to meet and connect. We offer weekly social groups or playdates, monthly social outings, and summer camps.  

All social activities are attended by a WBC Board Certified Behavior Analyst to oversee individual goals and progress. Staff implement specially designed instruction that target a number of important skills, including: greetings, farewells, introducing oneself, initiating/maintaining/closing a conversation, asking on-topic questions, making friends, turn taking, waiting in line with a peer, and reading facial expressions and body language and other goals based on the ages and needs of participants.

Social Groups and Playdates: 
Groups take place in a rented weekly space with similar age range working on similar skills. Activities are updated weekly based on the interests of the group. Playdates are coordinated by WBC staff between client families, take place in a family's home or common community setting. 


Social Community Outings: 
Community outings are opportunities for the WBC community to connect, interact, and network.  Outings take place in a variety of settings based on the interests of participating families, including: outdoor parks, trampoline parks, inflatable play centers, bowling alleys, laser tag facilities, and restaurants. WBC staff will coordianted outings, communicated details and any light costs associated with the chosen activity.  


Social Camps:
Camps are week-long sessions designed to foster growth and improvement with clients in an fun, thematic environment. Camps generally run 4-6 hours at various community locations across the greater Seattle area. Students are paired with similar age groups and 1:1 therapists are available as needed. 

Email for more information on social activities.

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