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Applied Behavioral Analysis

"If they can't learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn"

-O. Ivar Lovaas

Wickler Behavioral Consulting specializes in promoting independence in the following skill acquisition areas: 


Self-Help Skills:

Dressing, hygiene, food therapy, toilet training, meal preparation, telling time, adaptive and other life skills.

Functional Communication Skills:

Communicating wants and needs vocally, utilizing an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device or Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). 

Community Integration:

Street safety and awareness, public transportation, making purchases, money management,

pre-vocational skills.  

Safety Awareness:

Stranger danger program, using household appliances appropriately.


Executive Functioning:

Task initiation, task completion, behavior and emotion regulation, organizational skills, time management, self-monitoring, self-management, working memory.

Social Skills: 

Greetings, initiating/maintaining/closing a conversation, making friends, sociodramatic (pretend) play, reading facial expressions and body language.

Wickler Behavioral Consulting also specializes in identifying and reducing maladaptive behaviors that interrupt the quality of one’s life.  They utilize principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) that are evidence based to ensure that appropriate replacement behaviors increase while unproductive maladaptive behaviors decrease.  These challenging behaviors can include: Aggression, Self-injurious behavior (SIB), Property destruction, Fecal smearing, Non-compliance, Elopement, Tantrums (crying and flopping),

Pica (eating inedible items)  

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