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Quality Care You Can Count On

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With our specially designed instruction that features a fun, compassionate, and energetic approach, each child gets every opportunity to become the best version of themselves. 


We want an environment where our clients are overjoyed to see our staff come through the door.


We achieve this is with an unwavering passion and quality control across all avenues; a fun and enriching environment, staff development and training, parent training, and a well-established evidenced based clinical approach to treatment. 


Applied Behavior Analysis

Wickler Behavioral Consulting is a therapist run ABA company established in 2013.


We specialize in evidence based, individualized care that values family dynamics for clients with autism spectrum disorder from birth through adulthood. Our services are held in the home, daycare, school, or community based on the needs of each client.


Treatment plans are naturalistic and focus on the pivotal areas of development. We work closely with the family members, teaching skills for them to be successful and learning tips/tricks to maximize progress.


WBC values collaboration with other service providers and actively incorporates strategies from Speech and Occupational therapists, creating a team approach. Our overall goal is to help each individual reach their full potential.

Wickler Behavioral Consulting follows the guidelines and laws according to the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) and the Department of Behavioral Health. As well as the ethical guidelines of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board®. (BACB®)

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We currently service clients in the greater Eastside area. Cities included: Redmond, Sammamish, Kirkland, Woodinville, Bothell, Everrett, and Lynnwood.  


Contracted Insurances include: Premera, Regance, First Choice and Blue Cross Blue Shield. We also accept insurance provided to Google and Facebook employees. Unfortunately we do not currently take single case agreements or out of network clients. 

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